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United Shares is an investment platform that allows accredited investors to invest in pre-identified private real estate investments. Investors can invest as little as $10,000 into each opportunity via a United Shares Fund. The money is held in an escrow account and once the investment target is met, it is transferred for the purpose of investing in a specific property.

When you invest through United Shares, you own shares in a separate Limited Liability Company (LLC) that is set up for each investment opportunity. The LLC will either purchase or hold equity in the real estate property. This structure allows for limited financial exposure and avoids taxes at the entity level.

Investors benefit from potential strong returns and cash flow, access to pre-vetted real estate investments, lower investment minimums, and the opportunity for diversification.

Yes, United Shares allows investors to invest in foreign investments. The platform is registered in all locations where investment opportunities are allocated to facilitate necessary transactions.

United Shares allows investors to choose and invest in specific properties or pre-selected properties, whereas REITs typically only allow investments into pools of capital limited by asset class or geography. REITs also often charge higher fees, and their public trading can make them more volatile.

Yes, these investments are not guaranteed and carry risk. Investors should be prepared to bear the loss of their entire investment.

Investments on United Shares are pre-vetted by the platform before they are made available to investors. The platform employs a thorough selection process to ensure the quality and viability of each investment opportunity.

United Shares has a secret recipe that we can not share it out, however, rest assure that with a strong team of global analysts, under-writers, originators, and official entities, we guarantee that you will have the Highest Return on Investment.

While United Shares provides investors with significant information including market data, property information and third party information United Shares makes no recommendations about any particular investment and each investor must do their own due diligence before making a decision to invest.

All investors have access to a United Shares investor dashboard. Through the dashboard, investors can track how much has been invested, which transactions are active, and how much investors have earned on the investment to date. In addition, United Shares provides quarterly updates via both the investor dashboard and email.

The investment period varies generally depending on the type of investment. Investing in Residential Properties could be 6-12 months while Commercial investments could range from 1-5 years. Please review the expected hold period for each investment before making an investment.

If the target-funding amount is not met, 100% of funds transferred by you to us will be returned to you. Please note that in certain cases, the target-funding amount may be increased in order to meet investor demand for a specific investment opportunity.

As soon as you sign up with United Shares, your investment consultant will guide you on how to get started. Most of our new investors start within their first week.

United Shares offers access to a mixture of property types, including but not limited, to multi-family, retail, office, industrial, self-storage, medical office, and hospitality.

The fund you invest in will be secured by a residential or commercial property and will receive bi-yearly interest payments. A share of those payments will be deposited directly into a bank account of your choice in accordance with the terms of the operating agreement for the fund. The fund you invest in will receive periodic payments of cash flow from rents and/or a share of the proceeds when the property is eventually sold. Please review the operating agreement for the specific investment opportunity you are considering for further details.

Projected returns and distributions, as well as a timetable for milestones and a distribution schedule, would be specific to each listing and, when available, would be noted in the offering documents for that investment.

Distributions depend on the specific investment, but are typically provided to debt investors twice a year unless requested otherwise. Please review the expected distribution schedule for each investment before making an investment. No distributions are guaranteed.

Most transactions are funded and secured within 30-60 days of going live on the United Shares platform. Due diligence and sponsor on-boarding typically takes 2 weeks, but can be shortened if all materials are received quickly.

United Shares requires quarterly qualitative and quantitative reporting and monthly updates

Private real estate investments of the type you find on United Shares are not traded on a public market and as a result, your shares in these investments cannot be easily traded or sold. Each investment has a unique projected “hold period”. The hold period is the expected time investors will be involved with the investment until it is re-sold. Please note that the “hold period” is an estimate and may differ from the actual hold period for the investment. This expected hold period will be made available to investors through the Investment Overview Page for a specific investment and currently ranges from less than 6 months to greater than 5 years. For more details regarding the hold period, please review the Operating Agreement and Subscription Agreement associated with the specific investment.

An invitation to new living

United Shares extends a warm invitation to explore innovative, bespoke living experiences tailored to your unique lifestyle. Our commitment lies in offering more than just properties; we curate spaces that resonate with your desires, reflect your aspirations, and define a new chapter of modern living.